Meet the Beautiful

Ntsapokazi Ningiza

Maid of Honuor

My Name is Ntsapo, Intobi yakwa Ninngiza uNagasela isduko. Vuyo and I met when she moved in with me when she first moved to Pretoria 14 years ago. I remember how nervous I was about her before she even arrived because the week leading up to her arrival, I had few ‘stern’ calls from her mother which were mainly about the bible,  Christ and how we as young ladies should behave and carry ourselves, please note, I was in second year varsity student.
At this point I had figured she could probably keep the flat, I’ll just move out LOL. As it turns out, that day I gained more than a friend for life, but I gained a new family.

As for me. I am what you call an ‘extroverted introvert’ depending on who you ask. I absolutely love all things genuine, authentic and unpretentious. If I didn’t need to work, I’d probably spend my life traveling the world, eating, meditating and spreading love. Side not: I want my 20’s back, my interests were so much fun. Unfortunately I’m not much of a dancer so, don’t expect to find me in the circle at the wedding, I’ll be doing my 1,2 step from the sidelines but rest assured I’ll be the biggest and loudest hype woman ever!

Ntombizandile Witbooi


I met the bride through Heaven, I remember the first time I saw her she was parked outside Heaven’s complex and she was just there looking pretty, I asked who she was and I was told about her but didn’t think much if it, her beauty and her bright smile stuck with me though.

The second time I went over to her house, she was working the next day and she just greeted and excused herself because she was waking up early the next day, again I was impressed at how she could just leave people sitting and having a good time and prioritized her work.

I don’t know how we became so close, I guess I liked her because
I would go to her house like we’d been friends forever…
went from her being Heaven’s friend to being my friend, from needing an excuse to see her to us planning outings together.

We have shared so much from that point on, our joys and pains, achievements and failures,
cheering each other on all the way Hobbies and interests…

I love listening and laughing,
anything where I can do that I’m game. I am interested in people and their stories.

My favourite dance move is Twalatsa.

What I can share about the bride and groom…well I remember being told about a neck piece Lwethu’s sister created for Vuyo, the way in which it was sold to me I couldn’t decide whether it was really beautiful or that Lwethu’s sister made it.

Zintle Xakwe


I’ve known Petto for close to 20 years now.  This means that we’ve been around each other for most/ important parts of our lives; which is just about our whole lives considering that we’re only 21.

On another real though, our gorgeous bride is my high school sweetheart, my crazy-heart. When we met back in high school, I cannot really say that we had any visible thing in common.

We never did the same sport, never chose the same subjects,
and never made it to the same base/ register class. Yet we still connected and bonded over Lamingtons (that I liked), fresh creme buns (that she liked),
and cheese bubbles (that she was crazy about). We perhaps were a classic case  of “opposites attract”, but what I will appreciate always, and thank God for, is all that made us relate and become the sisters that we’re still are today. The honesty, openness, the respect that we had for ourselves and each other as individuals, and an amazing heart for the Lord,
has always made us win.

We’ve stood together through some of life’s happiest, saddest, ugliest and most beautiful of moments. Vuyo is my forever friend, my person; and I can’t wait to stand with her on her moment of taking her true forever.

As my homie, Petto knows that I’ve always left the dancing up to her, since our Qhayiya Society and GB days. The day of the wedding will be no different, especially because it’s her big day.

Opposites may attract because they understand each other,
and know when they need to fill in the gap for the other.
That’s the love that we continue to share.

Andisiwe Manzana


Andisiwe Manzana, Dabawo, Makazi to the kids… I would tell you my age but you wouldn’t believe me.. ha ha ha..

Vuyo is like a trustworthy, feisty, overprotective little sister…
Always has your back & will stand up for you making sure no one messes with you..

Thiza wam the year 2009 to 2013…the famous lines were “Sikwa Vuyo”… ha ha ha..
everyone wanted to be at her house.. you can take a wild guess why… ha ha ha..

Lwethu, zange ndayibona iAdvocate enje mna… like who takes you seriously..ha ha ha…
Always jolly, in a great mood, ever laughing, might be serious for 5 seconds, then its back to being extra happy… If you wanna go home early, in a “proper” state,
avoid him at a cost…

Both of them together are great parents, great friends, great hosts, just make sure you have Uber on your speed dial when you hang with them.

Ok now back to me, I love outdoors, running, hiking,
watching sports at stadiums, a concert lover, love arts & crafts,
travels to open the mind, loves exchanging music…  Prefers things to humans…

Does Macarena & Iskere count… ha ha ha…

Not much of a dancer, always the hype man who stands outside
isekile & cheers omajaivane on… so don’t count on seeing
any Voshos cause eish the knees to desease

Qaqamba Madlingozi


I met the beautiful bride in 1994 at St Anne’s Primary School
and we’ve been friends since then.

My hobbies are reading books and playing tennis.

All I can say about the bride is that she is crazy
but has a beautiful heart.

Meet the Handsome

Mkhuseli Moyeni

Best Man

Hayke mna ndingumzala Ku Lwee  sikhule sonke silingana sithanda novana amandla,

I’m a bit younger apha kuye kodwa ke sishiyana njeee ngeeveki ezimbini,
ezintathu ukuya pha koo four. Sasihlalasindawonye
nalapha ekukhuleni kwethu as a result  abantu abaninzi babede bathi singamawele sabe silingana ke nalapha emzimbeni before afumane isiqwana
esi anaso namhlanje, sivana kakhulu Kuba kungeka thsintsinto nanamhlanje.

I am very honoured to form part yomsitho wakhe no Gama wakhe
okwangumlingani wakhe wokuzimanya ngeqhina lomtshato ndithi kuni
makube CHOSI kube HELE don’t forget to enjoy.

I nearly forgot yalazi kuqala ixesha kuyo yonke LA genge besikhula nayo
ifundiswa ngu the Late (Boss) Lulama Mamani

Anele Shube


This is Anele(Ace Makeba pantsi njenge zambane,
the Unsinkable ship THE SUBENIC) Shube.

I met the grooM, Lwethu at Varsity in 2004 enxibe brown wonke ingathi yi giant slab se Dairy Milk, elikrwala.

Wer wer doing the same course, also staying in the same residence sow e would walk together to and from Lectures we started being friends then.

We were like Timon and Pumba, now we are like brothers. My hobbies are cooking, clubbing and Go-karting. My interests.. I think it’s girls nam ndizozbona nditshata one day.

I’m not a good dancer anymore but I can take a chance on i Vosho
because of my height, I’m closer to the ground.
One thing I thing I would say about the groom is that Vuyo (bride)
has found herself a loving husband aka needi Korobela.

The only problem is she might go deaf as she gorws older
because Lwethu snores like a diesel locomotive.

Buzwe Lindi


How you met the groom and how your relationship evolved*:
timeline best shows evolution

1990: Met at Ekonwabeni creche

1991-1994 our paths crossed again at Ngqika LP School. We used to sell chips for his granny and enjoyed eating amagwinya and fish

1999-2002 our paths met again at Dale College
even though he was a grade higher than me.

2018 we met again in JHB

2019 Siyamtshatisa

Hobbies: Relaxing with a good book, used to enjoy long distance running before life became real
Interests: sports and Horror movies

What dance move can we expect from you at the wedding? I will keep that a secret like the brides dress

What would you like to share about the groom?
Throughout these years he has been the one that’s always tried to maintain the connection.

For me it’s a sign that Lwethu is one to maintain long standing relations.
That shows he will do the same on his new journey!!

Athenkosi Toto Njoli


I met u lwethu at aerly years zobom bethu e Dimbaza around 8 to 10 years old the we got to know each other kakhle when we were around 15 years old e King and our families were quite close too

I enjoy singing and traveling. I travel all over the world singing choral music.

Dance moves – lol itshuuuu! Nizoyibona emtshatweni

Lentwana indikopile again, yinto yayo le ndiyabona.
Nandgoku uyoshata uVoyolwethu since my wife’s name is also Vuyolwethu

Thando Bata


Thando Bata is my name, I am a friend of the groom (Lwethu Maqethuka)
which I met at high school in Std 6 and eversince then siyibambile, my life’s interest is travelling, outdoors (hiking etc) adventurous and dance moves xolo andikho kwelocala ndiqine nqi soze ndizophule tuu.

Lwethu is a very humble guy thanda hleka, heli nje unoncumo, kambe andimazi xa enomsindo. His a hard worker rasied by strict yet lovely parents, into endizama ukuyitsho kuwe Vuyo (bride) uqeqeshiwe. he knows what is and wrong and uzakuphekela
Maqocwa taught him well kelocala.

Lastly I wish you guys all the best together and may God be with you all the time in your marriage.